Pay for tech on your terms

Save money, extend runway, and improve cash flow by paying your software and infrastructure bills upfront, while paying us back later.

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Use cash for growth, not buying SaaS

Save money

Your vendors offer massive discounts for paying them upfront. Use Gynger to access these discounts, while still paying monthly.

Improve cash flow

Lump sum payments are cash flow killers. Use Gynger to preserve your cash by spreading these expenses out over 3-12 months.

Streamline payments

Simplify how you manage your tech expenses. Use Gynger to consolidate them into a single monthly payment from one dashboard.

How it works

  • Get approved next day

    Create an account, apply in minutes, and get approved the next day.

  • Finance your contracts

    Upload invoices for Gynger to pay and select custom repayment terms for the ones you want to finance.

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  • Pay us back later

    Gynger pays your vendors within one business day, while you pay us back however you’d like.

What our clients are saying...

    Noah Elion
    "The savings and cash flow benefits allow us to focus on building Lovd instead of over-budgeting for SaaS."
    Harrison Johnson
    "Gynger simplifies our procurement process and helps us be more thoughtful about our tech stack."
    Timur Ozekcin
    Co-Founder and CEO
    "Gynger's innovative approach to financing solutions has enabled our team to focus on providing the best cybersecurity solutions to our clients."
    Active State

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