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We pay your bills for you

Unlock flexible payment terms on any SaaS expense - regardless of what your vendor offers. Spread large invoices out over time and pay us back on a timeline that works for you. Improve cash flow, extend runway and decrease burn with Software Financing.

Don’t let the cost of SaaS get in the way of your growth

Purchase the tools you need with software financing so you can preserve cash and reinvest it in growth.

Invoice Management
Cloud fanancing

Defer expenses paid monthly into quarterly repayments by having Gynger pay your next three monthly bills, while paying us back the total later.

  • Free up cash, optimize payback periods, and better align AP with AR.
  • Best for any usage-based product or monthly bill.
Extended net terms

Extend the net terms offered by any of your vendors by having Gynger pay your bills on-time, while paying us back 30, 60, or 90 days later.

  • Delay due dates and extend payment terms to optimize working capital.
  • Best for cash flow sensitive companies looking to unlock longer payment terms.

 How it works

  • Get approved next day

    Create an account, apply in minutes, and get approved the next day.

  • Submit invoices

    Upload invoices for Gynger to finance and select custom repayment terms for each.

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  • Pay us back later

    Gynger pays your vendors within one business day, while you pay us back however you’d like.

What our clients are saying...

    Brett Strassman
    VP of Finance
    “Without Gynger, we’d be six months behind our revenue goals because of the latency of how other lenders work.”
    Noah Elion
    "The savings and cash flow benefits allow us to focus on building Lovd instead of over-budgeting for SaaS."
    Harrison Johnson
    "Gynger simplifies our procurement process and helps us be more thoughtful about our tech stack."
    Timur Ozekcin
    Co-Founder and CEO
    "Gynger's innovative approach to financing solutions has enabled our team to focus on providing the best cybersecurity solutions to our clients."
    Active State

    Pay for software on your terms