Introducing the New Gynger Virtual Card - A Streamlined Approach to Software Financing

Introducing the New Gynger Virtual Card - A Streamlined Approach to Software Financing

Tamar Katz

At Gynger, our mission is to make software and infrastructure financing as easy, flexible, and efficient as possible for growing businesses. We are excited to announce our latest addition to the platform, the Gynger Virtual Card: an on-demand card designed to simplify your software payments.

With the Gynger Card, you can now get the functionality of a credit card payment while leveraging Gynger’s flexible payback terms.

The Why

Software runs businesses. As your business grows, so does your tech stack, and the software bills can seem endless. The ability to pay your vendors on your terms gives you the flexibility your business needs. 

  1. With each vendor offering varying payment terms, it can be difficult to manage your expenses efficiently.
  1. Your preferences for payments might vary per vendor as well. If you’re looking to pay for a smaller software subscription, you might prefer a card payment because of its simplicity compared to ACH or invoice methods. 

We created the Virtual Card to provide a more seamless and integrated solution for companies trying to streamline their software expenses and finance operations.

The Who

The Gynger Card is designed for any customer who prefers card payments, or requires card payments, for their software expenses. Whether you're a startup looking to control costs or a more established company needing to streamline your payment processes, the Gynger Card can help.

The How

Using your Virtual Card is simple. After you’ve created your account with Gynger and are approved for capital, select the vendors you’d like to finance. Once you confirm the bills you’d like to pay, a virtual card will be created automatically for you to use to pay your vendor.

Select a custom repayment term for each bill you’re financing and then charge it with your Gynger Virtual Card. Your repayments will happen automatically.

The Benefits 

Versatile payment options

Pay for your software expenses via card and repay the charge at your own convenience. 

  1. Use the card to pay your vendor in full, then choose your financing terms: 3, 6, 9 or 12 month terms with monthly or quarterly repayments.
  1. Defer your monthly cloud usage bills (e.g. AWS, GCP) by paying your vendor with the Virtual Card while paying us back quarterly to improve cash flow.
  1. Spread out your Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad spend with an easy-to-use card.

Streamlined financial operations

Our integrated platform helps both small startups looking for cost management and larger companies striving for operational efficiency. Gain unparalleled control over your software expenses with a seamless way to manage, monitor, and optimize your expenditure, saving you time and resources. 

The Result 

A seamless experience that allows you to control, manage, and optimize your software expenses with ease. You can pay via card and still pay back the charge over time, at the pace that works for you. 

Experience the Gynger difference - a smarter, smoother approach to financial management.

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