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Driveway saves 15% on its software spend, curating a more thoughtful tech stack

Tamar Katz

Driveway is a technology company that allows users to easily capture online workflows and turn them into interactive walkthroughs. It’s ideal for helping companies simplify the training process on new online tools, saving significantly on onboarding time. With its ease of use, companies like Meta, HubSpot, and Salesforce have all used Driveway to drive tool adoption and minimize training costs.

the challenge

As a new startup, Driveway had what they called a “big, messy software stack problem.” They had quickly accrued so many different software subscriptions, it was hard to keep track. Yet some of the tools they needed most – specifically those requiring a big upfront annual payment – were out of reach. They figured that, as a small startup with limited funds, certain solutions were simply unattainable. That’s where Gynger came in.

gynger’s solution

Flexible financing to optimize resources and stagger costs in critical growth periods

"Gynger simplifies our procurement process and helps us be more thoughtful about our tech stack."
Harrison Johnson
of Driveway

As Driveway’s Founder Harrison Johnson explained, this was a problem the company didn’t even know they could solve until Gynger came in. With the help of Gynger’s software financing, Driveway was able to secure the capital necessary to pay for high-upfront cost annual subscriptions to services they would otherwise have had to forgo.

“I’d assumed for a startup like me, something like that was out of reach.”

Now able to spring for the more cost-effective, longer-term subscriptions, Driveway was able to save 15% of their previous software spend using Gynger.

But the benefits Driveway received from Gynger didn’t end there.

The results

  • 15% savings on software stack
  • Better software spend transparency
  • An improved software strategy
  • Access to the best tools at the best prices
  • Confidence within the company and with investors

Better transparency and clarity

It wasn’t until Driveway began examining their software spend in preparation for using Gynger that they found how messy their stack was getting. They were even paying for some licenses twice.  

“Even if you don't know your go-to market, you should know what you’re spending on your software.”

Gynger cued Driveway to get the heads of various departments together to have better conversations about the tools they were using, allowing them to streamline their processes and become more efficient.

Improved vendor strategy

With more transparency and clarity, Driveway was able to re-approach and re-tool its software strategy with more intention, something that’s more important than ever in today’s tight economic climate.

“[Gynger] simplifies our procurement process and helps us be more thoughtful about our tech stack… [It] helped us better develop a strategy around which vendors we use and work with.”

Getting the best tools at the best prices

Not only was Driveway able to create a more strategic software strategy, but they also got to sleep easy at night knowing they were getting the best prices for the tools they did decide to invest in.

This was especially helpful for higher-value contracts and long-term software commitments, a category many of the most useful tools Driveways needs fall under. Now, with expense being less of a factor, Driveway gets to make the best decisions for their business’s needs and choose software based on fit, not price.

“I’m more open-minded to buying software tools… [even if] it is annual.”

Software confidence

As a startup with a thousand things to think about and prioritize, Driveway didn’t have the bandwidth to optimize their software spending. Now, they can rest-assured knowing Gynger is on top of it.

“I sleep easier as a founder knowing that I have a partner who has a grip on my software spend.”

This also helps Driveway approach conversations with investors with confidence, knowing they are allocating their software spend wisely and efficiently.

To learn more about how Gynger can help your company save money on software subscriptions, optimize your software stack, and keep your investors happy, contact us today.

The results

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