Close deals faster.

Accelerate sales. Get paid upfront. Offer flexible payment terms.

How leading Vendors use Gynger

time sales cycle

Drive More Revenue

Upsell by offering flexible financing, allowing prospects to spread out their payment over 3 - 12 months.


Generate Qualified Leads

Generate pipeline by prospecting qualified leads with the option of flexible payment terms.

time sales cycle

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Close deals faster by offering flexible financing when a prospect has budget constraints.

loyal customers

Improve Retention

Increase Net Retention by offering existing customers the option to finance a portion of, or their entire, renewal.


What’s in it for your customers?

whats in it for clients
  • Quick and easy access to capital.
  • Improved cash flow by spreading out large payments.
  • Extended runway, freeing up cash to reinvest in their business.

What’s in it for you?

whats in it for you
  • Close more deals by removing cost barriers.
  • Get paid upfront and offload billing.
  • Gynger assumes risk of default or non-payment.
  • No liability

What we do for you

Guaranteed Revenue - we assume default risk.
We manage all billing.
smiliey lcon
Continue to manage the account the way you normally do
no docs
No training, integration, or implementation necessary.
Our team will support and assist your customer throughout the application, as needed.
No further action needed from you or your customer.