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Use Gynger to  accelerate sales by closing more deals, faster.

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Drive 60% more revenue per rep.

Gynger enables sellers to seamlessly offer contract financing to their accounts in just a few clicks.

Equip your sales team with Gynger to unlock the most powerful tool in their stack.


Increase in ACV


Increase in Win Rate


Faster sales Cycle

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How it works.

1. Add capital to your stack

Unlock capital from Gynger, allocate it to your reps, and set up custom approval workflows.

Add capital to your stack.
Use capital to close more deals.

2. Use Gynger to sell more.

Extend custom financing offers to pre-qualified leads in seconds, right from your Gynger dashboard.

3. Leave the lending to us.

Our platform seamlessly underwrites, approves, and issues each loan directly with your accounts, so your sellers can focus on selling.

Let us handle the lending.
Close the deal & get paid upfront.

4. Get paid upfront.

When you close a deal with Gynger, we pay you the total loan amount upfront, while billing your customer monthly. This means spending less time billing, so your reps can spend more time selling.

How leading SaaS vendors use Gynger.

To negotiate larger, longer contracts.

Upsell customers by using flexible financing as a powerful incentive for larger purchases.

To close more deals, faster

Create urgency by extending meaningful financing offers with set expiration dates.

To generate more leads.

Prospect pre-qualified leads with custom financing offers to differentiate from the competition.

To retain customers longer.

Increase net renewal rate by enabling their best customers to pay on their terms when they need to.


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Who loans out the capital?

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When your customers sign up for Gynger, they are taking out a loan from us. We pay you directly upfront, while billing your customers according to the schedule in their loan agreement.

What happens if my customer stops paying Gynger?

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The money you get paid upfront by Gynger is guaranteed. If your customer stops paying us, we'll handle collections directly with them and will never ask for you to pay us back.

Does using Gynger mean taking on any debt?

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Nope! When you add capital to your stack with Gynger, you're simply provided access to an amount of capital that your team can offer as loans to your customers. Because we're lending directly to your customers you're not adding any debt to your books.

Is there any risk with using Gynger?

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None at all! When you use Gynger, we're responsible for managing all of the compliance and regulations associated with lending so you don't have to. We also assume all the financial risk in the event of non-payment by your customer so you can invest it in growth right away.